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In compliance with strict independence criteria, we can offer you this service, among others

Carbon Footprint Management System

As a member of verico SCE, we have summarized our know-how to support your work in a guide for a Carbon Foot Print Management System. Even though we at verico SCE, as an independent body, may not be organizationally involved in the preparation of your reports, we want to make a contribution to advancing the issue of carbon footprint in your organization.


F-Gas – Fluorinated greenhouse gases

According to Directive 2003/87/EC selected auditors at verico SCE are allowed to perform verification of your reporting to the EU on the production, import, export, use as feedstock and destruction of fluorinated greenhouse gases, so-called F-Gas.




Project management

With our specially trained staff and extensive professional experience, we represent your interests at the highest professional level from conceptual design through bid negotiations to commissioning - worldwide.

sustainable biomass - REDII

You need support in the implementation of a system for the verification of your sustainable biomass according to REDII or REDIII? In compliance with strict independence criteria, we can offer you either our service for the implementation of a certification or a certification through our partners.

Feasibility analysis


Do you need a technical and economic feasibility analysis to thereby reduce your investment risk and at the same time score points with your financial institution? 


We can draw on a great wealth of experience in the fields of hydrogen and transport. The specialists of CAIPSTER prepare everything.

Progress monitoring


To ensure that your project is set up smoothly, the responsible project manager is also regularly on site in person. This means that complex issues are dealt with immediately and efficiently. This saves money and time. 


Regular project reviews ensure that the schedule and task plan are adhered to by means of plan progress checks.